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We are excited to display our ads for classic cars. Since 1973, we've been collecting advertising ads, posters, brochures, postcards, flyers, etc... and finally present them here for both your enjoyment looking at cars from the past and the advertising used to sell them.

Due to the many car & truck makes available (187 and counting) plus the movie posters, our list is growing and we are running out of room so we have added a separate page linking ALL to their appropriate sections. Each page has it's own link to the 'Model Directory' and we will eliminate the model listing on the left.

Model Directory

9-9-2021 We are now adding NEW categories: Gasoline Signs, Oil Signs and the car dealer 'Service' signs. Additionally, we are adding more ads and reworking existing images. Some pages may not work. Please be patient while we work to get things up and running.

5,106 automobile ads online

1,472 truck ads online

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NEW! We have now made available our scanned ads on ZIP files. All ads are the original full size ads when published in the magazines.

Most ads have NOT been editied or cleaned up so the yellow, ageing, torn, faded sections are on the ads.

We do NOT sell paper ads, only ads placed on ZIP files.

All ZIP files are in HTML format so they can be uploaded t ay operating system. These are NOT PDF files!

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